Enhance Fitness

EnhanceFitness is an evidence-based group exercise program for older adults that uses simple, easy-to-learn movements that motivate individuals (particularly those with arthritis) to stay active throughout their life. Each class session includes cardiovascular, strength training, balance, and flexibility exercises and the fostering of strong social relationships between participants.

Fall Soccer

Come join the fun this fall!  Teams will practice 1 day during the week and games will be 1 hour long.  Ages 3-4 - teams practice for 20-30 minutes before each game.  Players will receive a shirt/jersey to play in.  Each player will need shorts, shin guards, socks and soccer cleats or tennis shoes.  Season suns from 9-15 to 10-20.  Registration open 7-16 to 9-1.  9-2 and after late registration. For more information and registration click on the correct link below.


The Y is credited for being first to develop a group swim instruction program in 1906. We have come a long way since that first group lesson, and we’re excited to present the latest upgrades to you. 

  • The YMCA offers a wide range of swimming options to improve swimming skills, build confidence in the water, and teach personal safety.

  • Students will learn water safety skills and build stroke technique, developing skills that prevent chronic disease, increase social-emotional and cognitive well-being, and foster a lifetime of physical activity.

  • All lessons are conducted under the supervision of certified life guards and taught by nationally certified swim instructors trained in CPR, AED, First Aid and Oxygen Administration.

  • Our new swim curriculum is based on extensive research, and is focused on the mastery of skills in a way that provides personalized attention and lets students set the pace.

View Our Summer Swim Flyer (Lesson Date & Times) Here

Summer Flyer 2018 Swim Lessons 5.4.2018.pdf


INFANT/TODDLER (Ages 6-36 months)

Overview: Accompanied by an adult, infants and toddlers learn to be comfortable in the water and develop swim readiness skills through fun and confidence-building experiences, while parents learn about water safety, drowning prevention, and the importance of supervision. Parents work with their children to explore body positions, floating, blowing bubbles, and fundamental safety and aquatic skills. 

View the Infant & Toddler Skill Continuum>Infant_Toddler_Continuum.pdf

PRESCHOOL (Ages 3–5) AND SCHOOL AGE (Grades K-12)

Overview: Beginners will develop comfort with underwater exploration and learn to safely exit in the event of falling into a body of water. This lays the foundation that allows for a student’s future progress in swimming. Students learn personal water safety with two essential skills in all classes:

  • Swim, float, swim — sequencing front glide, roll, back float, roll, front glide, and exit

  • Jump, push, turn, grab — After students are comfortable submerging in the water, they will begin to learn rudimentary swimming skills, followed by work on rhythmic breathing, integrated arm and leg action and introduction to the basics of breaststroke and butterfly kick.

View Preschool/School Age Skill Continuum>3.00-Swim-Lessons-Skill-Continuum-Infant-Toddler-Preschool.pdf


Once students are able to successfully swim a length of the pool unassisted in any of the strokes, they are eligible to register for the Advanced Class.

Overview: Students work on refining stroke technique and learning all major competitive strokes. The emphasis on water safety continues through treading water and sidestroke. Students will learn about competitive swimming and discover how to incorporate swimming into a healthy lifestyle. 

View the Advanced Swim Skills Continuum>4.00-Swim-Lessons-Skill-Continuum-SchoolAge-Teen-Adult.pdf

**All swim lessons take place at the Elwood Jr./Sr. High School Swimming Pool.

Elwood Pool Pass

This pool pass is valid upon purchase and gives you access to utilize the Elwood Jr. Sr. High School for Open Swim times.  Pool Pass must be present on you and current upon entering pool area.  Must be 18 or older to purchase pool pass.  13-18 must have pool pass but be accompanied by adult at all times.If purchasing pool pass online please bring receipt to pool manager or lifeguard on duty during open swim times to receive pool pass.Open Swim's will have a lifeguard present and be available from 5-7pm M & Thursdays.  This service is free for any YMCA of Madison County member.  Non-Members must have either a 1, 3 or 6 month pool pass.  Pool pass not needed if enrolled in swim lessons and for the time period of swim lessons.  Spectators of swim lessons do not need a pool pass.

Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Individual swim lessons for adults and youth both.

Private Lessons:

Swim lessons offer individualized attention for each student. Participants will receive eight forty five minute lessons customized by skill level and goals.

Semi- Private Lessons:

These lessons allow two or more participants of similar skill level and age to learn together. Participants will receive eight forty five minute lessons with flexible scheduling that can be customized to your goals and needs.  You must select the other individual and both must register prior to lesson 1.  Price is per individual.

Personal Training

Ready to take your fitness to the next level?  Let one of our nationally certified personal trainers scale a program for you and get you the results you are looking for.

Elwood Spring Soccer

Come join the fun this fall!  Teams will practice 1 day during the week and games will be 1 hour long.  Ages 3-4 - teams practice for 20-30 minutes before each game.  Players will receive a shirt/jersey to play in.  Each player will need shorts, shin guards, socks and soccer cleats or tennis shoes.  Season runs from 4-28 to 6-2.  Registration open 2-9 to 4-14.  4-15 and after late registration. For more information and registration click on the correct link below.

Spring Youth Volleyball

Ready. Set. Spike! Hit the net with the folks who invented the game - the Y. Our Youth Volleyball program emphasizes teaching the values of good sportsmanship, teamwork, goal setting and skill development in a fun, esteem-promoting atmosphere. Children will have the opportunity to learn the basic volleyball fundamentals such as underhand serving, setting, hitting and digging in a fun atmosphere.  Season runs March 16th - April 21st.


Flex Your Skills!  If you like gymnastics and cheerleading then this is the program for you! At the end of the program participants may have the opportunity to cheer at a home Elwood football game with the Elwood cheerleaders!  Come on in and join the squad!  Program runs from August 8th- September 22nd.

Winter Basketball - Youth

For boys and girls in Grades Pre-K (3 years) through Grade 5, this league is designed for players to learn the basic skills and rules of the game with emphasis on participating during games.  First games are Saturday, January 27th.  Late Registration Janaury 11 - January 27.

February Personal Training Challenge

The YMCA is running a Y to Y challenge to see who can get the healthiest in just 2 months!  Not only will you be working with a certified personal trainer, but you will receive a great discount on this 2 month package. 

8 sessions total.

Highest percent weight loss wins a gym bag full of gear!

Elwood Summer Swim Club

Practice will be taught by coach Amanda Wingrove

Club begins June 4 - July 26th (No swim on July 4th)

Monday - Thursday - 8-10am

Ages 6-18 years old

Financial Assistance Available - Recieve an Opendoor Packet online or from the YMCA front desk.

Elwood Summer Camp 2018

What will you discover this summer?
 Register below to start planning the BEST SUMMER EVER!

The best part about camp is that youth will have the opportunity to make new friends and take part in new activities that will help stimulate a healthy lifestyle, instill self-confidence, and inspire leadership. Children will be encouraged to have fun, be active, and let’s face it, it’s camp and they are bound to get a little dirty. So put on your tennis shoes, grab your snack and let’s have some fun!

Additional information
•If you need financial assistance, please complete this form and bring it into your local Y
•Your child will not be enrolled in camp until we receive the following:
•Signed registration packet
•Received or scheduled payment

To begin the registration process

•You must be a YMCA program or facility member to register your child for camp. There is no cost to become a program member. Facility members receive a discount of up to $40 per week
•After you have become a member, please create an online account so that you can register for camp.

Questions?  Please contact Greg Beck, Sr. Program Director at (765) 644-7796 or at gbeck@ymcamadco.org

Traditional Summer Camp (9am-5PM)

Give your child a full day camp experience this summer!

Week 1 - Aloha Summer (June 4-8) 

Week 2 - Color Wars (June 11-15)

Week 3 - Animation Domination (June 18-22)

Week 4 - Sports Extravaganza (June 25-29)

Week 5 - Stars & Stripes (July 2-6) (No camp on July 4th)

Week 6 - Blast from the Past (July 9-13)

Week 7 - Disney (July 16-20)

Week 8 - Water Works (July 23-27)

Week 9 - Around the World (July 30-Aug 3)

Week 10 - Knights & Princesses (Aug 6-Aug 10)

Week 11 - Last Blast Summer (Aug 13-17)

Specialty Summer Camp (9am-12pm)

Let your children grow in their areas of interest!  Specialty campers receive 50% off specialty camp if registered for traditional and specialty camp in the same week.

Before and Aftercare 

Before and after camp available for all campers.  Before Care drop off is 6:30-9am .  After Care pick up is between 5-6pm M-Friday.  Fee covers all 5 days and for am & pm.  Price covers both before & after and for the entirety of the week.